Valentine Tea Party Invitation

A fanciful tea party invitation. Your guests will be thrilled to receive an invitation in the mail for your fantastic party. The image has a story-tale frame of gold colors with the words Valentine Tea Party, hearts, a napkin, a teacup, and a saucer. Colors include magenta, gold, red, purple, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and cream. The back side is a template for you to customize with party details. (Also available as a download on Zazzle.)


Retro Valentine I Love You Card

Get in the loving groove with this “I Love You!” Valentine. Alternating half-circle waves of pink and red lay atop stripes of the opposite color, creating a nostalgic feeling of 1960s carefree print. The words I love you are maroon, light pink, and white. Each letter has a drop shadow, white scalloped trim, and white hearts. Inside: Blank (Also available as a download on Zazzle.)


Get well – Support – Encouragement

Put someone in the ZONE—the SMILE ZONE! This design is so cheesy it works. (Also available as a download on Zazzle.)


Christmas Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread man on a baking tray with a traditional icing outfit. A dusting of candy flakes surrounds him.


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Winter Landscape Including Tree With Lights


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Smiling Snowman

Did you know World day of the snowman is January 18th?
Bring joy to friends and family this holiday season with this whimsical man of snow.


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At the Beach


Pebbles in the sand there are
Round because they’ve come so far.
At this time it feels so free
To be standing at the sea.
The beach stretches far and wide
Ready for the coming tide.
Treasures in the sand you wish
And there it is, one starfish.
– Connie Moore

Artwork is a digital photo collage of hand painted paper. Materials used: Liquitex, Heavy Body acrylic on Canson XL watercolor paper. Illustration created in Adobe Illustrator.

Best wishes,

Comic Blast 4th of July

Remember as a kid getting your first firework sparklers and your mom yelling “Don’t run with the sparklers”! You’d watch it burn down to the end of the silver stuff and think (Oh man, it’s over already)?

What about Glow worms? When lit they oozed out … I don’t know what. You were left with these long, charred, cheese puff things. You saw the flames and smelled the smoke. Cool man!

July 5, on the ground lie little pieces of paper and red sticks from the — cover your ears — bottle rockets.

One year we did not have more fireworks so my dad lit a road flair in the back yard. We sat around and watched the awesomeness.

May watching bright colored lights give us strength.


Blue and White Tea Quilt

Quilt throw

Machine quilted cotton

I have made a few quilts over the years and I thought I would share some. This Blue and White Tea quilt my sister and I made for a family member. This person likes tea, blue and white china and a splash of bright color here-and-there. At the fabric store we picked out all the blues that would go with a tea cup and pot fabric.

This quilt is constructed of squares and occasional four triangles making up a square. To give it a slightly formal touch we made the edging and binding out of a simple stripe.