What Shade of Yellow Do You Like?

When I moved into my house some rooms had yellow walls. And I asked myself “How do I feel in this yellow room?” The answer was not good; actually kind of sickly. They say a bright, strong yellow room can make babies cry and couples divorce. Not sure who “they” are but not taking any chances with my mental state I promptly painted the walls. I like a yellow that does not scream YELLOW! That’s not for me. I am not an Olympic athlete going for the gold. I want a yellow that is happy and slightly muted with a…

New knitting designs

Hello yarn lovers!

If you think there is no such thing as too much yarn – I designed these for you.

My yarn stash is growing and in this cooler weather the yarn shops call to me “Make things with yarn.”

Vector illustration created in Adobe Illustrator.

These designs are available on all sorts of products if you need a gift for a knitting fanatic. If you want this design on a specific product just let me know. https://bit.ly/2q9s0F7

Blue and White Tea Quilt

Quilt throw

Machine quilted cotton

I have made a few quilts over the years and I thought I would share some. This Blue and White Tea quilt my sister and I made for a family member. This person likes tea, blue and white china and a splash of bright color here-and-there. At the fabric store we picked out all the blues that would go with a tea cup and pot fabric.

This quilt is constructed of squares and occasional four triangles making up a square. To give it a slightly formal touch we made the edging and binding out of a simple stripe.