Get well – Support – Encouragement

Put someone in the ZONE—the SMILE ZONE! This design is so cheesy it works. (Also available as a download on Zazzle.)


Tulip Fields


If you have ever been to a tulip field you know when the sunlight hits the rows of blossoms a feeling of joy can come over you. The bright warm colors mixed with pastels have an uplifting effect on the brain. The light bouncing off many colors all at once creates one of those moments in time to pause.

Artwork is a digital photo collage of hand painted paper. Materials used: Liquitex, Heavy Body acrylic on Canson XL watercolor paper. Illustration created in Adobe Illustrator.

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A special thanks to the people who have ordered this design on products!

What Shade of Yellow Do You Like?

When I moved into my house some rooms had yellow walls. And I asked myself “How do I feel in this yellow room?” The answer was not good; actually kind of sickly.

They say a bright, strong yellow room can make babies cry and couples divorce. Not sure who “they” are but not taking any chances with my mental state I promptly painted the walls.

I like a yellow that does not scream YELLOW! That’s not for me. I am not an Olympic athlete going for the gold. I want a yellow that is happy and slightly muted with a air of sophistication when paired with gray.

My shade of yellow.

  • Pattern drafted from a sweater I own. The draft much shorter in length than the original.
  • Loose swing styling with knobby texture and braided button loop.
  • Machine knit fabric
  • Lion Brand Yarn, Homespun, Golden
  • Yellow stained coconut shell button


Blue Butterfly

The image source for this drawing was a photo I took at a butterfly exhibit. Vector illustration done in Adobe Illustrator. Blue butterfly, orange and tan background, purple flower and blue accents.




A special thanks to the people who have ordered this design on products!