Spring Kids Puzzles Activity Card

Young children will be excited to get a puzzle card with fun activities from you. The puzzle card is decorated with illustrations of new spring arrivals like a bird, flowers, leafing and budding branches, the sun, a raincloud, a bunny, grass, and butterflies. The perfect activity card for your child, nephew, niece, grandchild, student, or godchild. Colors include Midday Blue, Emerald, Golden Yellow, Carrot Orange, Neon Hot Pink, and DarkOrchid. Games included: Find the twelve words, Dot-to-dot, Find the 5 tulip flowers, and Butterfly garden maze. Inside greeting: Happy Spring! A non-religious greeting card. (Also available as a download on Zazzle.)

A Quilt as Design

This modern quilt image has 3 squares across and 4 down. Square patterns are a representation of modern-day quilt designs. On this card is a digital image of hand-painted paper. (Also available as a download on Zazzle.)


Fabric shapes, sewn together
Does make a quilt.
Shapes in a straight line
And some are at a tilt.

Perhaps the most fun of all
The hunt for cute fabric.
Yards are, for the stash
So fantastic!

Although quilts are often used
To keep you cozy warm,
A quilt is, without a doubt
A stunning art form.
–Connie Moore