Celtic Knot Design


For some time I’ve wanted to experiment designing with Celtic knots. Choosing gemstone colors like purple, blue, red, dark green and metallic gold gave me a pallet that I could do many things with. I assumed the knot would be easy to colorize but it turns out it was trickier than I thought. The animation below shows the actual shapes used. Design available at The Celtic Knot Collection. 

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The pens

I had to make sure and show you the wonderful pens my husband Roger has been making with wood from our forested home and re-purposed materials. You can now find his pens exclusively sold at Moments by Norri, a shop for creating memorable gatherings and finding local artisan gifts.

This one is one of my favorites:

Gatsby Style Twist

In spalted and highly figured Norway maple burl and gold titanium finish

The maple was submerged in green dye and processed for 24 hours in a vacuum chamber. This piece was then heated to harden and stabilize the dye before turning on a vintage wood lathe.

This pen is part of a Norway maple that fell during a snowstorm at my forested home in Portland, Oregon. A burl is a rounded knotty, irregular growth that when polished has elegant decorative detail.