Water Dance

I wanted to share my latest project, a mixed media painting. Six women, with opal, seashell skin, float with arms extended performing a water appreciation dance. Each has a green dress of a different pattern. Waves of water cross the canvas in horizontal lines. Seven bubbles are scattered throughout the water pattern. The painting was inspired by my participation in Global Water Dances 2021. Colors are values of green, blue, and white. Mixed media on Arches, 140 lb., 18″ x 24”, hot pressed, cotton, watercolor paper.

World Water Day – March 22


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Fall Landscape

Hello All,
I just finished a new design for the Fall season. My goal was to capture with this digital composition of hand-painted paper the glow sensation our eyes see when the sun interacts with the turning color of leaves. It’s like color therapy for the brain.

Happy Fall!

Beautiful fall colors in a nature landscape. Red, orange, yellow, cream, green, brown, and purple painted paper used in a digital image.


Christmas tree with glowing multicolor lights and star on a red background card Winter gnome on blue background snowflakes card