Frightened Boy

12″ x 9″
Pen and pencil on paper

This copy I drew at the Portland Art Museum in the Graphic Design exhibit hall. The work “Frightened Boy and His Dog” was created by Leonard Baskin in 1954. I found the work interesting. The boy is still with his arms wrapped around him, the hand is open like a gesture of needing help. The dog is unsure, paused – a moment in time. The fear itself is confident, bright, energetic and because we don’t know exactly what it is, frighting.

This weeks topic on Illustration is fear. It’s fun to see what other illustrators have posted.


Nursery Rhymes

Pen and watercolor pencil on paper.

Size: 14″ x 13″

Not being a water-colorist I have found colored pencils that you can brush with water easier to use. The color spread is manageable and you can get a combination of hard and soft color easily.

I managed to get a design job because of this illustration. Just goes to show you that what is in your mind to create will touch someone else’s heart.

Keep making things.