My Portland

Well, I did not get an award, but I am very happy with my painting. The gallery put me in the “Rose City Reunion” category online, and to me, that was the whole point of the show. I looked into my heart and painted what I hold dear about this city, there are parks and special touches everywhere and they have been here for a long time.



This image contains: roses of different types, the Waterfront Park Trail, the Willamette River, a native white trillium, swifts in flight, downtown city lights reflecting on the river, wood, moss, rain droplets, a bee, purple sidewalk prism glass, native Oregon Grape plant, Portland street bricks, a Robin, Waterfront Park Cherry tree blossoms, a red Dragonfly, Portland city protected wetlands, a male Mallard duck, a city park rock wall and stairs, a Gray squirrel, sunlight reflection on Fanno Creek, a wild Blue heron, rain forest pathway, Douglas fir trees, a mushroom, an Oregon Swallowtail butterfly, a Portland vintage streetlight, and the all too welcomed sunrise.