I must have grown up in the age of ponchos. I just love them.

Knit and crochet poncho in the yarn HIKOO, Kenzie, Kiwi Fruit
Let’s say you don’t think the shirt you have on makes you gorgeous, put on a poncho and out the door you go looking fabulous!

I try yarns that interest me and have the fiber content I am looking for. This yarn from HIKOO named Kenzie is from New Zealand with love — says so right on the label. I liked working with this yarn both on the knitting machine and crochet handwork. It hangs straight and keeps it’s shape very well.

As for the color name Kiwi Fruit, let’s do a test:

The fuzzy part?

The Kenzie yarn has silk noils. Being new to knitting I had to look up what “noils” meant — a decorative additive. AKA flecks of stuff.

Yarn: Hikoo, Kenzie
Color: Kiwi Fruit (1007)
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Yards: 160 yards per ball
Fibers: 50% New Zealand merino, 25% nylon, 10% Angora, 10% alpaca, 5% silk noils
Pattern: Manikin draping

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