Gingerbread man on a baking tray with a traditional icing outfit. A dusting of candy flakes surrounds him. This modern style illustration with a touch of whimsy will delight any baker on your holiday card list. Hand-painted acrylic on paper was used in this digital composition.
Gingerbread Man Thinking of You
Christmas Tree “Thinking of you.” Card
I Miss You Blank Card – Multiple Designs
Tulip Field “Thinking of You.” Card
Love You Blank Card – More designs available
Tulip Field “I Love and Miss You.” Card
Rose and Cricket Faux Framed Blank Flat Card
“What a blast of fun you are!” Card
Hearts Bouquet “I Love and Miss You.” Card
Thinking of You Blank Card
“You Are the Music in My Heart”
I Love and Miss You Card
Music Notes “Thinking of You”
Irish Friendship Proverb Card
Painting “I Love and Miss you.” Card
Mummy “Thinking of You.” Card
Gnome on Purple “Thinking of you” Card
Knitting “I Love and Miss You.” Card
Gnome on Green “Thinking of you”” Card
Butterfly “I Love and Miss You.” Card